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Born and raised in the city that never sleeps, this Brooklyn girl started her young adult life preparing to make her mark in the Forensic & Criminal Justice world.


However, I was first inspired to act during my undergraduate studies in New Orleans, Louisiana.


While in the Big Easy, I took in its southern charm, its passion and its deep artistic culture. And here is where I found my creative side, un-apologetically and honestly. While a film projectionist for my University, I was exposed to movies from around the world and across centuries. It wasn't long until the desire to want to be a part of that world developed.

After this experience, I made the decision to immerse myself fully after I moved back to NYC and completed my Masters degree.

With training in Theater, Film and TV, I found that my unique experiences have a home to which I am constantly encouraged draw from them. Currently, I reside in New York City, working in both TV and Film.

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