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television/ Film/ new media


CPT - Cognitive Processing Therapy  Principal                       Rocketship Creative


Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall     Supporting                    Lion TV US Prod.


Sauce                                                        Supporting                    Dir: Dui Jarrod

Diabolical                                                 Principal                       Lion TV US Prod.

Center on Addiction                               Lead                               Melty Cone Prod.


My Crazy Love                                        Recurring                      Dir: Greg Behrendt

Shadow of Doubt                                    Co-Star                          Stephen David Ent.

Six Windows: Chad Episode                  Guest Star                     Dir: Brandon Taylor

Monsters Inside Me                                C0-Star                          Optomen Prod.

Daria The Great                                      Supporting                     Dir: Freidl Kreuser

Hook                                                         Supporting                     Dir: Raven Jackson

Amelia                                                      Principal                         Dir: Raven Johnson

American Falls                                        Principal                         Dir: Toni Comas

One More Day                                         Principal                         Dir: Joce Martinez


Recycle                                                     Supporting                      Dir: Ana Cuadra


Millie                                                        Supporting                      Dir: Jeesu Kim


Spilled Milk                                             Lead                                  Dir: Jen Sotham


Four Bottles                                             Supporting                      Dir: John Painz


How to Cope With                                  Lead                                  Dir: Justin Pigeon


SM 6 CROP.jpg

Swimming (Freestyle)



Systems Analyst


Works well with children

Cycling (General)

Receptionist Skills

Improv (General)

Dialects:  New York - Brooklyn

Conflicts upon request

Training & Education

Script Analysis


& Character Development          New York Theatre Academy        Instr: Michael Luggio



Theater Performance                  Malisa Theatre Academy              Instr: Michael Luggio


Improv: Get Out of Head            The People's Improv Theater        Instr: Kaitlin Fontana


Sense Memory and the


Work of Stella Adler                    Stella Adler Studio of Acting         Instr: Sam Schacht



Acting Technique                        Stella Adler Studio of Acting         Instr: Deborah Kym

Scene Study                                  Stella Adler Studio of Acting         Instr: Jon Korkes

BA Psychology - Loyola University, New Orleans, La.


MA Criminal Justice - CUNY John Jay, New York City

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